The ninth planet, that rotates clockwise around the original 8 planets. In the days before the SECOND WAR, it was considered neutral ground where life was free to do as it pleased and no God was to apply influence or action over any that did not directly worship them and bore marks of their God .

It currently has and has always had what has been named the life stream, surrounding it in the shape of a ring. The life stream is ethereal and is made up of all the souls of the past that have not been granted occupancy in their Gods halls in the afterlife, nor have not been recycled to the planet via reincarnation. Even in the days of interplanetary travel, it was considered the highest crime to travel through it.

Erath now contains all the mortals in existence. Thus to prevent overcrowding, the life stream exists.

Since Order has taken over, as far as anyone knows, no one outside of war has been able to kill or challenge authority figures for the last 1000 years, nor do they seem to know they can. A curfew has been in place denying people being outside at night and requires them to be completely shut in with no way for them to see out or anything else to seee in. A night sky full of cries is still heard.


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