The Prestory

*The story as known and told by historians, bards, & legend aficionados *


In the beginning, creation was without form, and void;the only occupant a singular conscience of densely packed matter/energy that created the void as it created its self. In time it separated itself into multiple parts…the reasons unknown…but at this point creation began.

First came the 3 Moons made of all the primal forces, that rotated clockwise around the “SUN” like energy ball of the creator. Each moon had its Guardian Force, that was tasked with 1 primary mission. This mission, protect the heart/power of the creator from all of creation to follow. At least until it was time to start over again. How they carried out this task was up to them.

Second came the Primordials. They were wild/chaotic forces of both creation and destruction…the ultimate agents of change. But they seemed incapable of creating anything substantial or long lasting. Countless eons past and then came the third group.

Third the race we call Gods. Thousands of them existed along side thousands of Demi-God origin. They had an odd relationship with the primordials. They attempted to bring a lasting order even if the sole basis of that order was CHAOS. Their attempts constantly failed due to the actions of the primordials…eventually the inevitable happened and the first war occurred.


The FIRST WAR was beyond imagining. THE NINE Primordials that existed were far out numbered by the numerous GODS but seemed to completely rival them in power. The 3 MOON GUARDIANS did not interfere or act in anyway, unless any of the GODS or THE NINE attempted to cross the spherical boundary they guarded.

In the end THE GODS who originally numbered in the thousands had defeated THE NINE but at a heavy price. There now existed less than 100 godlike beings;some shocked at their success, some showing no sign of reaction, & yet some seemed to have become drunk with power on their musings over their abilities, but only 8 retained enough of their original energy to be considered Gods .Also amongst them were the combined power of all their fallen comrades floating in a cloud of pure energy. The remaining 8 Gods would split up the energy cloud and use their CLOAKS OF POWER to rule over the all of creation, the remaining entities would control and rule over the realms/aspects they cherished most. In times of high contestation it was decided the 8 would meet as a council and majority would rule…this would soon change and would be replaced by THE CONTEST . It was also determined at this first council meeting of the repercussions of breaking the ruling of the council. The offender would be stripped of their cloak of power & it would be given to a successor. The method of doing this was a ritual that required a majority of The Gods to perform it. Each seal was personalized and unique to each god .


The remaining GODS used their powers and the vast remaining material/elements left of THE NINE to forge all that has and will follow. In honor of how creation had started, the first things the 8 GODS created were the 8 planets that remained stationary except spinning on their axes and their moons that spun around them(where the other god like beings would reside). THE GODS then seeded all the planets with abundant plant/animal life and a race of angelic beings loyal to each of their creators; some moons also were seeded. Over time skirmishes occurred amongst the various legions of “angels” and as certain leaders of the various groups gained power/notoriety they turned their ambition to godhood. Their attention stretched too far and all but those who remained loyal were slapped down. Stripped of their power, they became known as Deva and were the first of many races to come. Each GOD then seeded each of their planets/moons with a race modeled after theirselves/ideals. As time progressed they created a ninth planet that would rotate around the 8. This planet would be considered neutral ground where life was free to do as it pleased and no God was to apply influence or action over any that did not directly worship them; the penalty for breaking this law or considering genocide, was all out war with the remaining Gods and the ritual performed. This agreement was further enforced through wards placed by each of the 8 that would prevent such activity. But try as they might they could not fully suppress the powers of THE NINE and amongst those they gave life to, they would also find the Gensai ,the second race that started appearing after the Deva .

Things remained this way for over 4000 years…a blink of an eye to a god … where each race carved its own nitch in the world and developed skills, knowledges, and trades they were best at and others that only existed through cooperation with other races. Over time they developed technologies that exceeded that of our modern day EARTH . Interplanetary travel, free/self-sustaining power sources, a mixture of magic and technology, inter-dimensional travel via machines, ETC. But despite that peace and prosperity, there always seemed to be shadow of uneasiness that settled over all mortal beings during the last 500 years…as if something in the darkness…just beyond the range of perception was watching, waiting, and plotting. During this time as well the lesser gods and demigods started expanding upon the edge of the created universe. It was during this expansion that the citizens of ERATH attempted one of their more advanced/dangerous projects that was supposed to create a portal between planets on the farthest edge of space…it failed…and allowed something else through instead.


The moment that portal opened…everything changed… for it was not a gateway for them to a planet on the edge of space…but a portal for a group of the most wretched and vile of creatures… a sort of hybrid angel, undead, demonic, unimaginable horror that defies description to this day… a being that should only be mentioned in the most dire of circumstances and even then with caution… a creature that defies description so much that each one and the horde of it alike are simply referred to as THEM or the plague as the least brave call them.

This war was barely mentioned in the days following its end…and even less information exists today because of it… but one thing is clear, it changed the course of mortal beings permanently. From what tales we are able to gather these beings possessed power somewhere between that of a DemiGod and that of a full fledged God without a CLOAK OF POWER . The situation was a cataclysm that required all the efforts and power of the 8 to contain and deal with, as well as the lifting of the wards that prevented the power of The Gods from affecting anyone but their own followers. Much was lost that day including all tech and 66% of the population on ERATH , but most importantly the good will and cooperation of The Gods amongst each other as fingers started to be pointed and tempers flared over who had created these creatures and situations…as only they could have created them.

The aftermath resulted in major portion of the main continent being uninhabitable due to the poison from the blood of this newly spawned race that fell on that final battleground. Great wards have been placed around that area, forever sealing it off and god level illusions cast around it so the true carnage could never scar the remaining inhabitants of ERATH . The aftermath also resulted in the persecution of a God , as ORDER named CHAOS the creator of this new race in order to overthrow all The Gods and seize ultimate power. Such a boast caused outrage and demand of proof, especially in light of prior skirmishes between the two Gods recently. CHAOS is said to have shown no reaction nor any argument for or against the accusation but instead stared ORDER down with defiant eyes. ORDER produced evidence that showed no variation or possibility that it could have been anyone but CHAOS , then THE RITUAL was called for.

Overwhelmed by evidence, the others reluctantly agreed but CHAOS was not sealed that day and he disappeared from the council immediately after THE RITUAL was called for threatening to destroy our father and protector ORDER . Try as The Gods did, they could not seem to locate CHAOS but his presence was felt as vast increases in conflicts/disputes started occurring on ERATH and concern that the planet would tear itself apart were increasing as the forces of CHAOS and the forces of ORDER clashed in epic battles. The remaining 6 Gods out of concern for the planet and its inhabitants joined ORDER to defeat CHAOS .

The final battle took place at Mirage Sands between the forces of The Gods and the forces of CHAOS . While both CHAOS and his forces were distracted, ORDER sent his most loyal and bravest Paldin… Black Hawk … with an artifact of incomprehensible power… a God slayer… to a location on a different plane where CHAOS was said to be hiding. No one knows exactly what occurred but given the fact that all the marks of CHAOS disappeared in one instant and Black Hawk never returned or could be found, theologians, historians, bards, & legend aficionados all claim that right before CHAOS finished ripping Black Hawk into nothing, that Black Hawk must have succeeded in his quest.

After the destruction of CHAOS , the remaining forces loyal to him were sought out and destroyed, though pockets of them seem to keep popping up. Also during this time, our benevolent father ORDER who found all the evidence, did most of the fighting out of The Gods , whose forces did most of the restoration & protection after they fought most of the battles, and whose loyal servant Black Hawk sacrificed himself to end CHAOS , decided that a new structure was needed that would guarantee peace and harmony…what was needed was a GOD KING . Through use of THE CONTEST he defeated the 6 remaining Gods and claimed their CHAOS’s CLOAKS OF POWER .

With ORDER as the new GOD KING his forces destroyed all but a handful of CHAOS’ssupporters and declared peace immediately afterward. For the next/last 1000 years, that peace we all enjoy has been kept with strictly enforced rules and martial law for our safety and security. These measures include but are not limited to the major 8:

#1. Strict curfews that result in nobody going out at night unless specifically assigned to night guard duty are in effect (as it is yet too dangerous).
#2. Any tech/suspected tech or literature/representations of the SECOND WAR that is found is brought to the president of each city immediately (to confirm authenticity and nonpropaganda), failure to comply is treason.
#3. Any mention of CHAOS outside this story is blasphemy and treason.
#4. Any negative propaganda whether written, spoken or transmitted in any means against our benevolent protector ORDER is blasphemy and treason.
#5. No study of the arcane is permitted unless one is accepted in the State Magus Academy or is an apprentice to a licensed State Magus (Each Magus is permitted only one apprentice at a time). Failure to comply is treason.
#6. No practice of the arcane is permitted unless one is demonstrating their knowledge as part of curriculum from a State Magus Academy or a licensed State Magus to which they are apprenticed, or they are a licensed State Magus. Failure to comply is treason.
#7.No one enters or leaves a major city without approval from appropriate city officials which is proven by government paperwork.
#8. No creature shall hold any God or being higher than ORDER and shall not accept, even if offered or threatened, any mark other then ORDERS . Failure to comply with this rule is not only blasphemy and treason, but in addition to the normal judgement, they will be permanently removed from the life cycle.

All crimes considered blasphemy or treason result in instant death of the accused and all those associated with them that did not turn them in. All others are heard before the highpriest of ORDER in each city and decisions rendered immediately as either death, endensured servitude for an appropriate amount of time to settle debt of crime or ReEDUCATION .

As ordered by our benevolent protector, this document has been updated with the correct passage of time and redistributed so all may exhalt in the light of ordered knowledge.



10 years after this declaration,.. The Adventure begins in a small quiet village on ERATH ,2 days to the South West of its capital city.

The Prestory

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