Character Creation

The adventure takes place on the planet of ERATH . The God ORDER has taken over and ruled for over 1,000 years through draconian law and methods. CHAOS is considered destroyed, his followers have been hunted almost to extinction, the other Gods have fallen to the level of mere vassals to ORDER and true war against free will has almost been won… but still there remains a glimmer of hope.

In the days before ORDER claimed so much power and labeled anything that might threaten or tarnish his image as heresy, The Gods used to enter into a Contract with their most loyal followers and bestow upon them their seal granting that person incredible powers and potential. Now after over 1,000 years of silence from the Gods and the belief of his destruction, the seal of CHAOS has emerged once more as prophesized by his followers and the war for freedom begins…


Character creation will be done on the D&D Insider Character Builder. If you do not have a subscription, I do and we will make it here.

Chaotic Evil Alignment
Lawful Alignment (unless your class requires it and/or you talked to DM ahead of time.)

To build your character follow the following Steps:
#1. Choose Custom
#2. Choose D&D Home Campaign (We will be starting at level 1)
#3. As a general rule if it is on the character builder it is legal, unless specifically mentioned here or by me.
#4. We will not use the theme option but you are permitted to choose 1 background from either the General category or the Scales of War Adventure Path.
#5. Under “Additional Character Options”, choose Inherent Bonuses.
#6. We will be using a 20 point buy system for stats
#7. 100 GP for equipment
#8. Create a personality for your character and let me know what it is.
#9. Choose a Deity other then ORDER. CHAOS is sugested but not required.
#10. I will be providing 1 magic item per player based off of your character and the world but especially your background choice, personality, race, class, and GOD.
#11. What is interesting or cool about your character that the other players may react to and I can work in game?

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Character Creation

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